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Mineral water «Berezovskaja» is the closest to the water from the Belgium resort SPA and Truskavets «Naftusja» by the level of mineralization and the chemical makeup. It has a positive influence on the functional condition of the digestive tract, carbohydrate metabolism, blood and blood-forming apparatus condition; it has a diuretic, anti-inflammatory and antiallergic effect. Having high detox effect, it can absolutely clean the organism from the toxins. One more highlight of the resort is its sodium chloride, iodide bromine water of high mineralization (up to 60g/l, taken from the hope with the depth of 1654 m), which can be compared to the Dead Sea water by the saturation and curing effect.


Сlinical health resort “Berezovskije Vody Resort” Berezovskoje village, Dergatchovskij district, Kharkov region, Ukraine 62363.

Head Doctor’s reception Tel:+38 057 700-33-16, +38 057 712-20-27

Booking Department Booking for the people Tel: +38 067 54-25-459, Fax: +38 05763 48-051

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