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The Resort Berezovskije Mineralnyje Vody – the sources of health.


Dear friends, we are delighted to welcome you at our site!

Berezovskije Vody Resort, founded in 1862, is one of the oldest resorts in Europe.

The main natural treatment factor of the resort is the unique spring potable water Berezovskaja. But we use two more valuable mineral waters of the Berezovskij deposit , extracted from the depth holes, for treatment – highly-mineralized iodide-bromine brine and low-mineralized water of the cretaceous layer, and also imported Saki and Slavjansk treatment mud, Boryslavl mineral wax, Poltava bishofite and many others. Exactly this defines the specialization of our Resort: health-resort treatment and early medical rehabilitation of the patients with the diseases of the organs of digestion (gastroenterology), metabolism (endocrinology), kidneys and urinary tract (urology).

We also pay special attention to the treatment of the co-existing diseases, having a special permit (confirmed indications) of the Ministry of Healthcare of Ukraine and corresponding license, 3.3.2014 Main page – Official site of the

which allow us to cure the patients with the diseases of the organs of the blood circulation, locomotor system, respiratory apparatus, women with the abnormalities of the reproductive function, patients with the oncologic pathologies, etc.

We have all treatment facilities and specialists for this. The resort closely cooperates with the leading specialists of the Kharkov scientific and research institutes of the National Academy of the medical sciences of Ukraine ( ), Kharkov national medical university, Medical academy of the postgraduate education ( ), has a status of the clinical establishment of healthcare, which can assure the high level of the treatment and diagnostic process. Here, at our site you will get the full information on the history of the resort, on the main natural factors, treatment and diagnostic facilities which we have. You can also get the information on the diet nutrition (the diets themselves and the organization of nutrition as well), entertainment at the resort.

On the Feedback page ( ) you can not just leave your review, but also get answers for your questions and get acquainted with the results of the anonymous questionnaire of the vacationers at their check-out for the beginning of the year and the last week. On the page Treatment ( ) you can see how many treatment procedures have been held for the last week.

We will be extremely glad if after attending our site you will be able to choose the right Resort for your treatment and if you decide to choose us.

Our advantages are:

-                    we don’t have seasonality in our work;

-                    we work 7 days a week (all the procedures are held on week-ends and holidays);

- we are experienced in looking after the adults and children with adults and organized groups of children as well (we have 10 sleeping, 4 treatment buildings, 2 canteens, separate infrastructure for children and 45 yards of green belt).


We would like to greet you one more time and wish you health.

We will be very glad if we can help you in any way.

We are working to make you healthy.

Best regards,

Aleksandr Ivanovich Serdiuk

Head Doctor, MD, Professor

Academic of the Engineering academy of Ukraine (medical engineering section),

Head of the department of the social medicine, management, business and healthcare  of the

Kharkov medical academy of the postgraduate education


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Сlinical health resort “Berezovskije Vody Resort” Berezovskoje village, Dergatchovskij district, Kharkov region, Ukraine 62363.

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